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Patricia Glyn returns to Franschhoek to give a more in-depth insight into the plight of a family of Khomani Bushmen when they returned, for two months, to their ancestral hunting grounds of the southern Kalahari, in the Kgalagadi National Park, from which they had been evicted.

It was a moving and memorable expedition during which the two elders of the family taught their youngsters about important heritage sites and rituals. Patricia learned a great deal about their traumatic history and fast-disappearing culture and her latest illustrated presentation is about this journey.  Her book about this life-changing trip is called What Dawid Knew: A Journey with the Kruipers.

Patricia made her name as a broadcaster on South African radio and TV where she hosted news and actuality programmes, did profile interviews, music shows, quizzes and documentaries.

Time: 6.30 pm

Date: Monday 25 November

Venue: The Library, 16 Wilhelmina Street, Franschhoek

Cost: R150, including some delicious curry

Drinks: Pay bar available

Charity: proceeds go to Khomani Heritage Preservation Trust

To reserve tickets please email bandoola@mweb.co.za


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On a dusty bend in the road north between Nairobi and Nanyuki, Gordie Church lurked in ambush sporting flat cap and razor sharp side burns. A long awaited re-union with a gangly old friend and Felicia on their shamba, resting in between safaris. A fitting start, over a few Tuskers, to 5 weeks in Kenya, exploring the north and then onto Lamu Island, an original Swahili settlement on the coast of East Africa.

Next stop was to see some friends of Sarah’s, Jordie and Steve Carey, who have just opened Laikipia Wilderness Camp a couple of hours drive from Nanyuki, set in striking scenery overlooking a bend in the river. We flycamped, swam in the river, tracked wild dog, gorged on wild honey, listened to a lion kill a zebra to be attacked by hyena, at close range, in pitch blackness – a thrilling experience. We saw a community in harmony with nature, with wildlife and cattle living side by side, and experienced a remarkable region of Africa.

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Abi, Nicole (thanks for the pics) and some equally flowery damsels took flight to join the flock of slightly off-piste revellers on the edge of the semi-desert in the Northern Cape. Images speak louder than words.

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I came across this story on Alaistair Sawday’s newsletter and thought it sung of a ‘very Explorers Club’ story which embodies the Mark Twain quote ‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did so. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’

When the going got tough, the Whittles got going…to India. Knocked sideways by recession, business on its knees, property in negative equity and creditors gnawing at every extremity, Geoff and Cherrie Whittle decide on a radical change of direction… and set off for India with their two children…to save the tiger!

‘No Worry, Chicken Curry’ is a collection of anecdotal incidents and events that chart the family’s time in the sub-continent; from encounters with tribals to run-ins with tigers, and the upset, upheaval, laughs and triumphs
of their years of conservation work in India.

‘No Worry, Chicken Curry’ is a story of today, with insights for all times, including the trials and tribulations of dealing with bureaucracy, climate, survival and two adolescent kids in a story of strength through adversity that leaves the reader inspired by what can be
achieved if you put your mind…and body and soul… into it.

You can contact Geoff and Cherrie on geoffandcherrie@chicken-curry.org.uk

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